August 14, 2012


Hello Internet, and welcome to The Podcast History of Our World! This will be the main blog for my podcast, in which I will piece together the history of the world from all cultures and perspectives. Definitely a herculean effort, but one which, as far as I know, hasn't been attempted yet. We live in a new, global community and it's about time for history to be taught as such. This podcast will show you connections you might never have imagined, events that are underdiscussed, little talked about heroes and villains, and all the historical miscellanea and oddities you need to win any trivia night.

 By the end of this week, the first chapter will be available for download. The script is done, I'm just waiting on a better microphone to arrive.

I'm excited for history. You should be too! It's a wild, weird ride and we won't be stopping. Well, maybe if we see a Snuckey's. I hear their pecan flavored candy is pretty good.


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