March 19, 2014

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BIG thanks to everyone out there who has taken the time to rate and/or review the show on iTunes! Yes, even you haters out there. Jokes on you SUCKAS, any publicity is good publicity!

Anyway, if you listen through iTunes and haven't done so already, please consider rating or reviewing the show! It might not seem like it, but those stars mean a lot to me. Right now I'm setting a goal of 450, but I'd have a meltdown if I hit 500. Also I know it's a longshot, but I figure with the new and improved logo and some new ratings, Apple might even take notice and put us on the featured podcasts page? Eh? Well I'll keep my fingers crossed at least.

Hope you're enjoying episode 42! Check the sidebar for updates on the next one!

March 18, 2014

42 - Alexander the Great Pt.2

- The supposed last word of Alexander the Great
Actually, a pretty creative reimagining of the Alexander story
(Reign: The Conqueror)

Who says you can't condense the life and adventures of Western Civilization's most famous conqueror into two episodes? We wind up our travels with Alexander in this final episode. 

And this means that we're also done with Greece! It's been a long time but it's time to move on. wouldn't you say? If you don't remember where we're going after, I remind you at the end of the episode. Otherwise you'll have to dig through the website to find out :)

Oh and if you direct your attention to the right sidebar you'll happen to notice the logo at the top with the words "100% - Released!" Basically that space is going to be my way of quickly communicating how far along in the next episode I am. Right now it's in full color, but it'll turn black and white soon enough, and then as I progress, more and more color will be added until poof! Another episode. I realize not everyone is on facebook for my updates and this should be a good solution. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it'll make sense soon. I assure you!

Ok, see you back here in a while for the next exciting chapter of TPHOOW!

Deuxième Hymne Delphique à Apollon

March 9, 2014

New logo!

It's a new look for the show! An updated logo courtesy of Mady G. Why the change of scenery? Eh, truthfully I was getting bored with the old one and wanted something to reflect my vision of the show. If you want to see the long version then head over to my Facebook page. 

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know, in case they looked at their podcast feed and got confused. It's still the same show! logo. Will I be going back and changing the artwork for each previous episode? I hope it's done automatically...but if it isn't? Err...maybe if I have time...or not...and we'll just look back fondly at the older artwork. 

Episode 42 is being written! I want to get it out as soon as possible so I can start reading these books I got for our next exciting chapter...

March 5, 2014

41 - Alexander the Great

"Seek another kingdom, my son, that may be worthy of your abilities - for Macedonia is too small for you!"
-Philip II to Alexander, upon watching the boy tame the wild horse Bucephalus
The first of our two-parter on Alexander the Great! Mark it well, because we're almost at the end of our long study of the ancient Greeks!

Featuring a special guest introduction from the man who created an ENTIRE podcast series devoted to Alexander the Great, Jamie Redfern! Seriously, if you want to know more about Alex's life, you have to check it out. 

Hymne au Soleil

February 19, 2014

Infographics galore!

I love infographics, and I came across this one the other day.  Nice little representation of some battles throughout history, including one we've talked about - the Battle of Marathon. It's a large image, so make sure to click on the "Read more" link!
Or you could go straight to the source website instead!

February 18, 2014

40 - Philip II

"Personally I am surprised that none of you, Athenians, is distressed and angry to find that at the beginning of the war our aim was to punish Philip, but at the end it is to escape injury at his hands. But surely it is obvious that he will not stop, unless someone stops him. And is that what we are to wait for? Do you fancy that all is well, if you dispatch an unmanned fleet and the vague hope of some deliverer?"
-Demosthenes, 4th Philippic 
Nobody said you have to be a looker to run a kingdom!

You can't talk about Alexander without talking about his dad, Philip II! Without him Macedon wouldn't have all the institutions and military doohickeys that let Alex pretty much go straight to work on the Persians. After this one there's just two more episodes before we say goodbye to the Greeks!

Gregorio Paniagua - Premiere Hymne Delphique a Apollon