August 29, 2012

3- Legacy of Prometheus

It takes two flints to make a fire
- Louisa May Alcott

It's the third episode and things are getting weird in the evolutionary world! Who are these neandertals with their low brows and primitive ideas, and why do so many politicians look like them? (That's a little political humor for you all! The yuks just keep on coming here at TPHOOW!)

When you're done listening to the episode, don't forget to listen to the theories of the eminent professor of anthropology Dr. Karl Pilkington on the genetics between man and chimpanzee. It's a truly fascinating lecture!

And as I've done before, all the picture links and articles will be posted within the day or so. I'll also be posting a bibliography for all the works cited to date so no one tries to sue me. As my legal team, of the moment, consists of a half eaten donut and a briefcase full of shredded newspaper.

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MacLeod, Kevin - Dubakupado
SFX - Mike Koenig, The Recordist
Travel Music - Guy Whitmore

Episode Links

Neandertal skull from La-Chapelle-Aux-Saints
Range of the Neandertal
Great site for showing how to make pigment from red ochre
Ice Age Twins found completely covered in red ochre...found this after the episode went up
Chunks of raw red ochre
Great chart showing how dog breeds develop

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  1. Hi, my brother told me about this podcast, and I really enjoyed the Alexander episodes, so now I'm catching up. I was a bit baffled by this episode, in that you spent time defending the use of "hunter-gatherer" as not being sexist (I don't know how else you'd describe that term, either), and yet you blithely state a timeline of when "man spreads across the world ... One hundred thousand years ago, Man colonizes western Africa and the Middle East. Seventy thousand years ago, HE spreads into middle Asia, east Asia, and Indonesia; 50,000 years ago, they enter Australia... (a few more nongendered dates here) ... Man enters Alaska and Canada ... (a couple more nongendered dates) ... and finally Man enters Tierra del Fuego..." I found that to be a jarring discrepancy. Well, this podcast went up in August 2012, so I'm hoping that the you of April 2014 would state it differently. I'll certainly keep listening, anyway.