This is the updated bibliography/works cited page so you don't have to download a .doc file to check my sources! It's pretty much the same format, I'll update the page as soon as I complete our time with a civilization or a defined chunk of history.
I encourage everyone out there to READ. Podcast history is good times history, but nothing beats really digging into a big ol' history book. Unless you hate that stuff in which case I'll do the work for you, and you listen to the show.



and of course, Wikipedia and Wikimedia, for providing copyright free photos and valuable information. 

TV and Movies:
BBC One - Planet of the Apemen: Battle for Earth
Discovery Channel - How Beer Saved The World
10,000 BC (Just kidding!)

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A brief note about Wikipedia:
It's a great resource, seriously. But in doing my research for the last few chapters, I found that overwhelmingly the dates are wrong, wrong, wrong. And that other websites picked up on those dates and used them for their own citations. And no doubt, high school and college essays did as well. Be careful podcastorians! Use a book!

TV and Movies:
Legacy: The Origins of Civilization

Books and Journal Articles
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Concerning the dates:
I based my dates on the ones Toby Wilkinson provided in his book. I found them to be much more accurately researched then what was presented on most websites, specifically Wikipedia. For much of the early history of Egypt, dates can fluctuate wildly, but by the New Kingdom, dates can be precisely known.

TV and Movies
 Engineering an Empire: Egypt
Lost Civilizations: Egypt
Decisive Battles: Battle of Kadesh

Books etc.
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and of course,

Herodotus. The Histories.


Websites:    ---> I used this site for my bible references because it provides each verse through different translations, and an easy to search format. Very helpful!   ---> I can't gush enough about how much I love this site. Who knew Lego figurines could be so violent or so naughty? Anyhoo, this site is amazing for illustrating the Bible (even the parts that contradict the other parts, and I frequently found myself checking it for visual reference.

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and of course,
The Old Testament of the Bible written by ???


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Xenophon (assorted works)



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