April 17, 2014

43 - The Indus Valley Civilization

In the morning they brought to Manu water for washing, just as now also they (are wont to) bring (water) for washing the hands. When he was washing himself, a fish came into his hands.
It spake to him the word, "Rear me, I will save thee!"
He's not getting eaten by the fish, he IS the fish!
(Matsya Avatar saving Manu)
Much like the Greek prehistory episode, there's not a lot of solid content here because nothing was written down. Still, it needs to be discussed, and discuss we shall!
Music Credits: E.Gaayathri Veena - Kaveri Thatavasi - Ratipati Priya


  1. Where's the Indus Valley podcast? It looks like you need to upload it, or post a link to it. Aside from that, keep up the good work!

    1. I have no idea why it disappeared! But it's back now :)

  2. Awesome, I've been excited about the India chapter of the podcast, since I don't really know anything about India's history. Quick question- will there be episodes about African civilizations? Also, will you cover Mesoamerica? I think Mesoamerica would be pretty far off at this point though, since I'm pretty sure the Mayan civilization and the other civilizations around it didn't really kick off until their 'Classic' era began, around 250 AD (I think).

    Anyway, the podcast is probably my favorite history podcast I've listened to, and I've also started listening to the Mid-Atlantic podcast as well recently, which is pretty good.

    1. Absolutely will cover Africa and Mesoamerica, but for the sake of keeping things linear both topics have to come up later. There's lots of great African (especially Sub-Saharan) history that gets overlooked and I totally intend to change that.
      Thanks for the kind words and for checking out Mid-Atlantic as well!