November 14, 2013

36 - The Age of Pericles

"I say that as a city we are the school of Hellas, while I doubt if the world can produce a man who, where he has only himself to depend upon, is equal to so many emergencies, and graced by so happy a versatility, as the Athenian...For Athens alone of her contemporaries is found when tested to be greater than her reputation, and alone gives no occasion to her assailants to blush at the antagonist by whom they have been worsted, or to her subjects to question her title by merit to rule."
-Pericles, funeral oration
I wish there was an artist attached to this image! All I've got is a website:

My favorite version of Pericles comes from William Messner-Loebs "Epicurus the Sage". Trust me, find a copy and read it.

Greogorio Paniagua -  Anonymi Bellermann

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  1. I love these podcasts. One part I like is hearing about titans (and tyrants) of history screwing up in a big way. Somehow those stories make me feel better about messing up, Though I try not to when I can avoid it.