November 1, 2013

Vox Populi!

Woohoo! Can you believe it? Because I can't! I'm a finalist in the best education category! And I owe it all to you - the listeners who are enjoying my little experiment with world history. I'm honored, flattered, bewildered, peckish, and thrilled! Even if this is as far as it gets I'm still pretty stoked.

But it doesn't HAVE to end here you know...because voting starts today! You can vote once a day for 15 days! All you gotta do is head to and check out where I am on best education. Now you may find some other shows in there you enjoy...The British History Podcast and The History Chicks are in there too! And if you're partial to them well, don't worry I still love you. As much as I want to win, I really want a history podcast to win more :)

Please vote! You've been awesome so far, why stop now?

(This message brought to you by Episode 36 - currently being worked on and totally not being held hostage until people vote)


  1. Pretty cool. Did you enter yourself in the awards or did you have to get nominated? I ask because I may try to get in next year. Thanks.

    1. I nominated the show to register it, and then people were awesome and kept nominating it until it made the finalists. Good luck next year!