November 30, 2012

Exciting music news for TPHOOW!

I hope you've all had a chance to download the two latest episodes, and that you've also enjoyed my little roundup of the Ancient Egyptians. We blazed through almost four thousand years of history in six episodes, and as much as I love my Nile friends, it's time for another exciting chapter in our podcast! For those who finished episode 14 this isn't a surprise, but the show will now be looking at those people who are really the most responsible for the roots of Western Civilization. No, it's not the Greeks, I'm talking about the Hebrew people! Israelites! Those of the Jewish faith! Although when our story begins, (hopefully late next week/early the following week) we won't be talking about Israel, or Canaan, or even the Levant but we'll actually be returning to Sumer! Whoa, you might be saying, what do the Sumerians have to do with the origins of Judaism? Well you'll just have to wait and find out! Also, the new picture up top is of Masada, the fortress of the Zealots, who took their own lives rather than submit to the Romans.

In the meantime I have exciting news for the upcoming episodes! In my search to bring you period authentic music for the episodes, (though not so much for the Egypt ones...shush I like Hollywood style Egypt themes!), I struggled with what to do for our journey with the Hebrews. When you think of Jewish music...what comes to your mind? Because I'll be honest - I think clarinets, violins, accordions, klezmer style, you know, music that makes you want to get up and dance! But this style dates back to Eastern Europe around the 1800's...and I'm looking for something a little more like 1800's BC.

Enter the esteemed, Michael Levy.

I admire people like Mr. Levy because history is much more than just the written and spoken word. It's about all of humanity's accomplishments like cooking, technology, and in this case, music. Mr. Levy is keeping history alive as a master of the lyre, one of the oldest stringed instruments. He doesn't play just any kind of music, he has reconstructed the sounds of the ancients: Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and most important for us, Hebrews. His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, for the BBC documentary The Dark Ages: An Age of Light, on German Radio WDR3, and now on The Podcast History of Our World - a tremendous honor. The music of the Ancient Israelites will come to us through his lyre and each episode will feel as if you've hopped in a time machine. I'm really excited to feature Mr. Levy's work on the show and hope you will enjoy it! In the meantime please check out his albums! I've selected three for you to look over, but each episode will highlight a specific song from his Ancient Israel series. I'll provide links and information on where to purchase the song or album then.

Mr. Levy's website:

These albums are but a few of the many available for sale! If you like it please be sure to give him some stars or a review on iTunes! Do it for the history!

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