October 18, 2012

9 - Egypt OR De'nile ain't just an overused joke!

"Do not stand up against me,
Do not witness against me,
Do not oppose me in tribunal,
Do not incline against me."
- Heart Scarab c.Middle Kingdom found near Nebankh
source: Sam and Max : Surfin' the Highway
(Careful ancient Egyptians! Don't get too close to Max's face!)

We're feeling fine with episode nine! After a two week delay comes our first foray into the exciting and mysterious world of the ancient Egyptians! While the Sumerians were digging mud pits and eking out an existence in a swamp, the Egyptians were kicking back in the paradise of the Nile river. Only problem? Constant attacks from evil mummies, alien gods and wololo priests!

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Google Maps right over Egypt. Take a look!
An EXTENSIVE collection of ancient Egyptian texts and passages...an internet treasure trove.
A comprehensive collection of Badarian artifacts and sites. So cool.
Good little blurb about makeup.
The Osiris Myth. Bet you didn't know about a certain body part being cut off, did you?
Scorpion macehead.
And a closeup of the macehead. Note the scorpion insignia.
The Narmer Palette.
Crisp drawing of the Narmer Palette.
Narmer's catfish insignia!
The Palermo Stone
White Crown of Upper Egypt (Hedjet)
Red Crown of Lower Egypt (Deshret)
The Double Crown (Pschent)
The Nemes Headdress
Various hypothesized rules of Senet
Yes, the creators of Lost could have went with checkers or chess, but nooo we have to be different and use a board game no one's ever heard of! What!? I'm not bitter after all these years!


  1. Mr. Monaco,
    I was browsing the history section in iTunes and came across your podcast. I downloaded all of them and listened to them in a day. I am very excited to journey with you through time, and look forward to future episodes.
    Last episode you breezed through other happenings around the world. Will you go back and further discuss these events (like the proto-Olmec or Chinese)?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Shane,
      Glad to hear you're up for the ride! Rest assured, I have a timeline all planned out to cover each civilization in a way that fits into the natural flow of my story and gives me enough time to cover their history with the detail and respect it deserves.
      Every now and then in my episodes I'll give a "whats happening in the world summary" just to put things in perspective, but I like keeping everything linear and organized. It's why I call the episodes chapters - this should feel more like a book.
      So, tl;dr, I will totally get to the Chinese and the Mesoamericans, but it might be later then you hoped for!
      Stick around though! This show is just getting started!