October 22, 2012

140 characters or your money back!

source: www.agent-x.com.au

(EDIT: 160...140...whatever.)

Alright I took the plunge and made a twitter page for the podcast. Because social media demands you use every single resource available! So at this point, aside from a myspace page, I think I'm totally covered. If you've liked the facebook page (thanks again!) you won't miss out on much. I'll probably use the twitter account to update the show's status and post cool things I've found but don't know where to share them. That makes sense, right?

Well if you use twitter I invite you to start following me. https://twitter.com/PodcastHistory is the link, much easier to remember then podcasthistoryofourworldtwitteraccountspectaculargroovytime, which was my original idea. 

Right, back to work on episode 10. 

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