Here you'll find all the transcripts for the episodes. This page is to provide the viewer with another way to access the show. Unsure about a word? Can't understand what I'm saying in a certain segment? Look no further fellow student of history. These are all hosted on google docs, available to download through this site. I make no apologies for any misspelled words or if some words are written phonetically - that's so I pronounce them correctly on the show.

EDIT** 2/6/13
Alright so here's the deal why I haven't updated the transcripts. At first I thought it would be a great way to just get free information available out there, as I'm kind of a fan of that. But I also have to protect my intellectual rights...right? What if people start plagiarizing and lifting lines right out of my stuff? I'm looking at you middle schoolers! Do your own work!

So here's the deal: I'll keep the episode transcripts that are currently up, still up. IF, for whatever reason you need a copy of a transcript from another episode for school, or educational purposes I will totally help you out. Drop me a line at radiomonaco(at)gmail(dot)com

But if you use my stuff as a reference and don't cite me...I'm gonna git ya....


  1. I wrote this long text but I can't send it to the email above. Sorry if I make you corruption

    "Dear Sir,

    First of all I want to wish you a day of happiness and a week full of success!
    I'm an English learner desiring to gain more knowledge from your language. I hear to your podcast from my iTunes. And it's happy to me to bring podcast (and music) around with my device.

    But some parts of your podcast, I don't understand what you are talking about. There are many words that is unfamiliar to me also. So, I hope to be able to get access to your transcript files. I will be very happy to understand the words you spoke and have materials for my education (I do it myself, and it always be). Sometimes I read the paragraphs out loud to understand your language accents, if it's not bother you.

    I will thank you so much for your kindness of giving me your transcripts, as much as I thank you for noticing this email.

    Best regards,
    your audience."

    I wr

    1. I understand the names can be confusing despite my best attempts at pronunciation! I'm sorry but I won't be publicly sharing the other transcripts - however - email me and I'll help you out. Just replace the (at) with a (@) and the (dot) with a (.) It's written like that above so spammers can't abuse it.